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Our Team


Doug Meyer-Cuno

Founder & CEO Emeritus

In 1990, Doug started the organization as a food ingredient distribution company.


Founder and owner of Carolina Ingredients since 1990, Doug started the organization as a distribution company. By 2000, Carolina Ingredients created a seasoning division. As the company grew, the need for more space became apparent and a decision was made to move from Charlotte, NC to Rock Hill, SC. By the end of 2010, Carolina Ingredients became the first LEED Sustainable seasoning plant in the country, the first privately owned seasoning plant to be SQF certified, and has the largest photovoltaic system in York County (solar energy used to supply alternative fuel for the production plant and hot water for the office).

Today, Carolina Ingredients continues its core culture of sustainability practices, involvement in the community, and providing a positive work environment for its employees. In 2011, Carolina Ingredients was nominated for the South Carolina Small Business of the Year award. 


Harvard Business School OPM 33 and BA in International Commerce; Furman University

Business and Community Stewardship: 

Doug has served and continues to serve on several board associations: American Community Bank Community Advisory Board, President of Waterford Business Park, Snack Food Association Executive Leadership Forum Committee, York County Economic Development Board, Vice Chairman of Gaston Day School Board, and a founding father of Gaston Day School Hall of Fame, Chairman of River Hills Community Church Finance Committee, and Vice Chairman of River Hills Community Church Council, and Lake Wylie-Clover YMCA board member.

Core Culture

I truly live all of our core cultures; however, my favorite is “Our Team is Only as Good as the Value YOU Create.” I am very humbled to be working with a first class senior management team, a group of team members who are committed to the growth of Carolina Ingredients, and seriously believe we must create value for our customers. Our success is dependent upon each team member’s desire to perform each day at the highest level. Without their commitment, dedication, and value creation, Carolina Ingredients ceases to be the company it is. Perhaps the most challenging core culture for me is “Growth Through Technology." I’ve been told I tend to hold on to the old systems and am reluctant to embrace new advancements. The good news is, I firmly believe that we as a company must embrace new technologies to streamline our company, create value for our customers, and enhance our profitability and our team members in this regard are better and smarter than me!


Doug is married to Dr. Margaret Edwards Meyer-Cuno and together they have four wonderful adult children. Both are active in their church and community. They enjoy lake living, boating, good food, and watching sunsets with a glass of wine. Committed to a physically fit and healthy lifestyle, Doug swims, cycles, and works out weekly at the gym.

Favorite Seasoning Blend

Carolina Classic: This is our signature steak seasoning we developed years ago. When my daughters would return home from college, they would always ask for their favorite meal - “Dad, cook steaks on the grill and remember to use the Carolina Classic, please!” It has become a family tradition and serves up many pleasant memories for me.