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Frank McKinney


With over 25 years experience in food manufacturing, Frank is pleased to lead the team to continued operational success.

I attended the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater and earned a BBA with a Major of Production/Operations Management.  I have spent my entire 25-year professional career in Food Manufacturing working for some of the best organizations: Frito-Lay, Quaker Oats, Con Agra and most recently Hearthside Food Solutions.  I am blessed to be married to my wife of +23 years, Lisa, and have three daughters to boot!  Our three daughters represent what this life deemed necessary to balance all the fun I had in my teens and 20’s!  While I have worked in many cultures and facilities, I believe that Carolina Ingredients is what I have prepared for the entire time.

Core Culture

Passionate About Creating Value! I embrace this value in all that I do. I view the “Customer” as everyone that I interact with from my family, friends, acquaintances, organization and the end consumer of the results gleaned from these relationships. After working for/with high performing organizations, I learned what true performance was based on Heart, Desire, Passion, and Determination. A drive to Learn, Do and Teach has resulted in scores of successes throughout my career. No other ingredient to this high-performance formula is more critical than the people that make this all happen. That is where my Head and Heart reside – with the people that I learned from, enable to grow and work side by side with and the ultimate reward of teaching those desiring to learn from all my mistakes. Carolina Ingredients couples the best organizational culture I have encountered in my career. Being able to apply the collective learning developed over the past 25 years in this operation was obvious to me from the start.


I enjoy spending time with my family and simply enjoying their presence in my life. I attempt to golf and work on cars in my leisure time. I also ride a motorcycle as one of my methods of relaxation. I am defined by each person that I have had the privilege to get to know and learn from in a collective sense. I see myself as a sum of all of their influence, teaching, support and sharing with me.

Favorite Seasoning Blend

My most recent favorite is a Non GMO Chili Seasoning that is out of this world! It is one of the hardest blends, due to the concentration of the ingredients in blending, but the results are fantastic!