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At Carolina Ingredients, quality is taken seriously.

We are SQF Level 2 certified; have HACCP and allergen management programs in place; we use metal detection as a final scanning point before product leaves the building.  Our QA team monitors all blends for compliance to spec through final packaging.  Inbound ingredients are also screened and verified against spec sheets, COA and internal retains. Outbound products ship with COA documentation and all products created by us have at a minimum spec sheet, COA parameters, Allergen statement and SDS.  We also have the ability for the COA to indicate gluten free or compliance with Non GMO project.

  1. We are SQF 2000 Level 2 certified.

  2. All inbound ingredients are from approved suppliers; prior to receipt QA pulls a sample and compares it against the spec and the physical retained sample we keep on hand.

  3. All customers receive a COA with each shipment specific to each lot shipped. We generate our own COA’s for industrial and commercial seasonings made on site.

  4. We have an allergen and gluten free management program in place.

  5. We provide Halal and Kosher certification if required by our customers.

  6. We have a HACCP program in place, and also use a metal detector for all products prior to leaving the building.

  7. We have on site QA lab where we perform salt, moisture and PH testing.

  8. We utilize an independent off site lab to perform microanalysis testing as required by the customer.

  9. Our system has full lot traceability from receipt to shipment to the customer regardless if it is a single component or one of our custom seasoning blends.

  10. We provide each customer with these documents at a minimum: Specification sheet, SDS, nutritional statement, and allergen statement.

  11. Our QA department has an environmental monitoring program; prior to each new blend we swab to test for presence of listeria or salmonella. We perform water testing and air sampling and maintain records of humidity levels in the plant.

  12. We have achieved Organic Certification by International Certification Services, (ICS-Intl), who are USDA Certified Organic Auditors.