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The culture of Carolina Ingredients focuses on Seven Simple Statements.


Passionate About Creating Value

Your passion is your fuel to make things happen. Value is all encompassing - from saving customer money, to team members improving processes, or designing more efficient processing methods, we actively strive to find a value in all aspects of our touch points with the customer.


Building Partnerships

Innovative and constructive partnerships between departments, vendors or new customers often provide significant progress toward creating sustainability with in a business. Partnerships may evolve from successful visioning, inventory initiatives or customer focused projects (ideation sessions). Carolina Ingredients nurtures each relationship individually to build successful naturally beneficial partnerships.


Innovative Solutions to Solving Problems

From logistics planning to fixing mechanical problems, innovative solutions come in all different shapes and sizes. We strongly encourage our team members to think outside the box, often forming small groups using synectics brainstorming techniques to provide viable solutions.


Get It Done Right Attitude

We seek team members that care about their jobs and the financial health of the organization, who are strongly driven to find the most efficient way to complete tasks, who maintain a positive attitude independent of how the day is going, and who do more than expected each and every time.  Come and visit out team - our positive attitude is contagious!


Growth Through Technology

In today’s market, the future success of Carolina Ingredients depends upon our use of technology.  From capital improvements which provide us with the latest packaging systems, to surfaces so that our production and QA team can communicate while in all areas of the plant, we look for ways technology can make us more efficient, more communicative and responsive to our customers, and support our sustainability goals.


Optimize Sustainable Practices

Today, sustainability isn’t just about your carbon footprint.  It is being environmentally responsible, a steward, and a leader.  Carolina Ingredients seeks to develop and discover new ways that we can contribute to both our and our customer’s sustainability goals.  We are extremely proud of our LEED status.


Our Team is only as Good as the Value You Create

Our team members commit to provide our customers, vendors and each other with the best service attitude.  When calling us, you will always be greeted with “How May I Create Value for You?”  Theron, team member for over 10 years, is the epitome of team -- every day, he greets you with a smile, asks if he can help, and well known to say how thankful he is part of the “Dream Team."