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Safe Quality Food

What is SQF (Safe Quality Food)?


Safe Quality Food (SQF) is a Food Safety Management System (FSMS) designed to provide organizations with a rigorous system to manage food safety risks, provide safe product and provide customers with a recognized food safety certification. 

SQF is also a GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) recognized and benchmarked to provide you with the recognition you need to supply products to leading manufacturers and retailers worldwide.

By managing document and records control, specifications and product development processes, food safety practices, verification of the processes and system, product identification, traceability and recall processes, site security and food defense processes, allergen management and a training program, Carolina Ingredients ensures full product accountability.


SQF Highlights:

  • Managed by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI)
  • GFSI Recognized to give you access to leading food and retail customers worldwide
  • Ability to choose from Level 2 (Food Safety) or Level 3 (Food Safety and Quality)
  • Over 5000 companies registered worldwide
  • Certified companies are listed in a supplier database for potential customers to search


SQF Levels: Differences Between Level 2 and Level 3

SQF has two levels of certification to choose from that are GFSI recognized:


SQF Level 2

This level is focused on food safety, and does not include quality requirements.

SQF Level 3

This level includes both food safety and quality management requirements.


Your organization can choose which level you will pursue certification for. The SQF code outlines both levels of requirements. It is also possible to start at Level 2 and move to Level 3 in the future. Level 2 is GFSI recognized; in most cases when a customer asks for certification, the Level 2 will satisfy them.


Benefits of SQF Certification:

  • Systemize operations
  • Manage food safety and quality simultaneously
  • Improve efficiency of operations
  • Demonstrate ongoing responsibility for systems 
  • Reduce duplication audit costs
  • Certification status listed on SQFI web site


Why To Buy from SQF Certified Organizations:

  • Internationally recognized certification program
  • Credible third party audits for all suppliers
  • Audits are conducted according to an internationally recognized format
  • Auditors with specific industry knowledge, experience and competence
  • Consistency of audit outcomes
  • Audit results among suppliers of similar products in different parts of the world can be easily compared
  • Can look up certified suppliers on SQF website