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Carolina Ingredients prides itself on developing and matching seasoning & spice blends tailored to your industry.

Whether you need a traditional blend, or would like to transition over to clean label, lower sodium or gluten free, our facility is side by side with you.  We also carry a variety of ingredients - such as salt, pepper and a variety of functional components to achieve higher yields.

In 2014 we proudly started making Non-GMO Project Certifiable blends and in October 2016 we obtained our Organic Certificate.

In 2017 we received our USDA Organic Certification and continue to expand this category, such as introducing new vegan seasoning blends.

Our passion is creating value for you!

  • Seasoning Blends

    We’re proud in our ability to match or create a new flavor specific to your application.

    View Seasoning Blends
  • Clean Label

    We have the ability to reformulate many of your current items to clean label or all natural.

    View Clean Label
  • Non-GMO

    We formulate your non GMO blends so that you can easily verify with the Non GMO Project

    View Non-GMO
  • Better For You

    Is your consumer looking for Gluten Free, Lower Sodium, and Enriched Blends? We can do that!

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  • Ingredients

    We sell full pallets up to full truckloads of spices and wholesale ingredients direct from our plant.

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    Custom organic seasonings that are tailored to your customer's expectations of flavor and quality.

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    We create custom vegan seasonings. Great flavor should never be sacrificed by dietary restrictions.

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