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Rizza Yamat

Administrative Quality Supervisor

Working for Carolina Ingredients has changed the way I see a bag of chips or a jar of pickles.

I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI where I attended UW-Milwaukee for most of my college career. I completed my BA in Marketing at Lakeland College. After graduation, I lived in San Diego, CA and eventually found myself in Charlotte, NC in 2013 on a spontaneous whim. I was introduced to the food industry after landing a job at a national food distributor’s meat processing plant as an Administrative Assistant and worked my way up to leading their Customer Service Team. After 3 years of experience in the meat processing industry, I found that my interest in food processing and distribution spanned well beyond beef. Working for Carolina Ingredients has changed the way I see a bag of chips or a jar of pickles. There’s such a scientific and technical aspect to what we do, and every day I have the opportunity of continuously expanding my knowledge. 

Core Culture

My favorite core culture is “Get it done right attitude”. In the words of Albert Einstein, “Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character”. A strong, positive attitude towards completing our goals as a team reflects on the strength of our character as an organization. With this core culture as an important part of our foundation, we go above and beyond for each other and our customers.


I always look forward to visiting my family in Wisconsin during the holidays. I am fluent in my family’s native Filipino dialect and I continue to stay very close to my roots. I am a self-taught guitar player and purchased my first acoustic/electric after winning a national poetry writing contest in high school. This is when I found out that I have an affinity for music and writing. I also enjoy crocheting, reading motivational/self-help books, cooking, and spending time with my yellow lab, Marley (we’ve been together for 11 years). I love Green Bay Packer football and someday hope to be sitting in the Lambeau Leap Zone in below zero weather. Go Pack Go!

Favorite Seasoning Blend

I like anything made with a nice Vinegar flavor. The sourness and acidity of Salt & Vinegar flavoring on anything, especially on a chip, is so fun and bright. It really awakens the taste buds.