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Our Team


Nick Cooper

Supply Chain Manager

Nick brings over 8 years of successful supply chain management experience along with a passion for process improvement

Nick has moved back to the friendly culture and great climate of the Carolinas after enjoying the opportunities and outdoor activities in the Pacific Northwest.  In addition to his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Washington State University, he is an active mentor of Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Process Improvements.  Leveraging his leadership experience from a diversity of industries, Nick uses a hands-on approach and coaching style of communication to improve processes and to raise the company’s overall level of customer’s satisfaction.

Core Culture

Nick’s passion at Carolina Ingredients is to create a work culture which embraces issues as opportunities to make improvements. By generating a proactive philosophy of toward positive change at every level of the operation, the norm becomes working smarter to ensure consistent quality, predictable on-time delivery and growing market share based on a company reputation of integrity and total service.


I enjoy multiple outdoor activities and travelling to explore new experiences. I continually investigate and learn about new technologies. As a sports fan, I follow several different teams in different sports. I am currently fulfilling a goal of watching the Green Bay Packers play in every NFL stadium.

Favorite Seasoning Blend

In my opinion you cannot go wrong with any seasoning blend that includes Rosemary. I will not apology if your mouth is watering right now thinking about a perfectly grilled steak seasoned with a Rosemary blend.