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Marietta Howze

Customer Service Representative

I joined Carolina Ingredients on October 16th, 2023.

My experience and education are in the areas of purchasing and customer service management.

Core Culture

The Core Culture Value that I like most is a “Get It Done Right Attitude”. I feel this is an important core culture for any successful organization. It is also a personal strength in my opinion. In my view, a person or team who is determined to get things done correctly will have a positive attitude and will work hard to succeed. This is something that I have already observed at Carolina Ingredients and I am proud to become a part of the team.


I am a mother to 3 wonderful and diverse children ranging from 32 to 21 years old. I am a grandmother to 2 beautiful little girls as well. My family and I love to travel and explore new places. I also enjoy quiet time spent reading and reflecting on all that life has taught me over the years. When not exploring new places, I am usually involved with “Do-It-Yourself” home remodeling projects. I recently purchased a 70-year-old farmhouse that I am currently remodeling. It is so satisfying to take something that was and turn it into something new.

Favorite Seasoning Blend

I have not yet determined my favorite blend as I am still learning about all of the wonderful flavors we produce. I am partial to sweet and spicy seasonings as well as those with a hint of vinegar.