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Melissa Gray

Systems & Material Manager

I’ve been at Carolina Ingredients since 2011.

I have a background in food service, food distribution and project management.  I’ve been at Carolina Ingredients since 2011.  

Core Culture

“Innovative Solutions to Solving Problems” is my favorite core culture. I love to problem solve, test theories and create win-win solutions for all parties - inside and outside of work. My hardest to achieve is “Optimize Sustainable Practices." We've done so many “green” initiatives here that it is difficult to find new ones.


I have been married for 15 years and have 4 children: an eldest son gifted to me by my husband and 3 children by adoption. There is a 22 year difference between the oldest and youngest! Along with the menagerie of dogs and cats, we are a family on the go - we love to RV, raise chickens for eggs, garden and eat a wide variety of ethnic foods.

Favorite Seasoning Blend

Tajin style chili and lime. This is a bright and moderately, but full flavored spicy blend -- we’ve tested it on chips, but I also love it sprinkled on fruit! Another new favorite of mine is Caprese -- this has some incredible tomato, basil and mozzarella flavor -- taste buds are jumping with joy!