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Our Team


Atsushi Takahashi

VP, Corporate Strategy and Planning

Atsushi is pleased to join the leadership team at Carolina Ingredients.

I grew up in Japan, received a Bachelor’s degree in Management Engineering and Master’s degree in Accounting, then started my career as a CPA at a major global accounting firm in Tokyo.  Five years later, I found my place in food industry and spent five years in Tokyo, five years in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and have been in Rock Hill since 2020.

I am excited to contribute to the society through the Tasty and Healthy Blends we create.

Core Culture

I like all 7 core cultures of Carolina Ingredients, but I want to talk about “Growth Through Technology”. “Food-Tech” is becoming more and more of a trend these days to solve the Global Challenges such as Food Shortage or Global Warming, and many of companies in our industry are working to develop new technologies like Plant-based Meat or insects for food. However, this challenge cannot be accomplished without collaboration of many companies. I am proud that Carolina Ingredients can be part of such a collaboration, as we have many unique and healthy ingredients, as well as our state-of-the-art technologies for blending. We continuously seek out new technologies and our relationship with Mitsubishi also enables us to develop such knowledge and learn of new technology from Japan and all over the world.


I moved to the U.S. at the end of 2020 and have been exploring culture, nature, and of course delicious foods here. I enjoy spending time with my family. My three young children all have totally unique personalities, and I enjoy watching them grow!

Favorite Seasoning Blend

Flavor Enhancer! This is full of Umami taste, which being from Japan I love, and it can be added to any savory meal.