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Marinades & Rubs

Our specially formulated marinades and rubs are designed to impart flavor, tenderness, and juiciness to all cuts of meat and poultry.

Whether you are enhancing the natural flavor of meat or adding a flavor of your own, we have a customized blend for you - from sweet or spicy marinades to sultry steak rubs.

Apple Cinnamon + Request Info

Apple Cinnamon

Fall sweet tart apples combined with cinnamon ready to pair with sweet or savory dishes.

Learn More about our Cinnamon Blends

Balsamic Vinegar + Request Info

Balsamic Vinegar

Pungent sweetness with the complex flavor note of woodiness derived from aging barrels, this formula works exquisitely with many protein products.

Cajun Sweet Pepper + Request Info

Cajun Sweet Pepper

Sweet peppers, and a bit of Cajun seasoning to give your meat a perfect kick.

Chipotle Mango + Request Info

Chipotle Mango

Smoked chili flavor with nuances of chocolate paired with the sweet tart mango work well on chicken and pork.

Fajita Marinade + Request Info

Fajita Marinade

We start with a traditional blend of lime, peppers and garlic; however things get exciting when we kick it up with different peppers or other citric flavors customizing it just for you.

Hatch Carnitas + Request Info

Hatch Carnitas

Warm roasted flavors, combined with cumin and chili create an exceptional rub for poultry or pork.

Hatch Green Chili + Request Info

Hatch Green Chili

Flame roasted mild green chili uniquely New Mexican with a subtle depth to it. While this is in our marinade section, this pairs equally well for a chip seasoning, or guacamole dip.

Hot & Spicy + Request Info

Hot & Spicy

A perfect balance of heat from different peppers; we can make this Latin American, Asian, or just about any flavor profile you would like.

Italian Roast Beef + Request Info

Italian Roast Beef

Garlic and Italian spices round out this flavor profile.

Jamaican Jerk + Request Info

Jamaican Jerk

We can go traditional with chili, lime and other spices, or experiment to bring out more of the sweet and thyme notes.

Korean BBQ + Request Info

Korean BBQ

Taste the balance of ginger, garlic and soy or we can add other fruit extracts or peppers to make this BBQ rub uniquely your own.

Maple Vanilla + Request Info

Maple Vanilla

Buttery smooth Madagascan vanilla combined with sweet mellow maple flavor tinged with a bit of sappiness fruit flavor.

Maras Pepper + Request Info

Maras Pepper

Notes of onion and garlic, citrus and cumin. This would be excellent on grilled chicken, lamb or seafood, grilled eggplant or slowly roasted carrots. 

Learn More about Maras Peppers

Mediterranean + Request Info


A well balanced mix of garlic, onion, olive oil with oregano with a touch of brightness like a summer day.

Mojo + Request Info


It’s the signature marinade in Cuban Dishes. This pungent, acidic sauce packs a massive amount of flavor with orange, oregano & garlic permeating throughout. Use as a rub, marinade, baste, or dip.

Pastrami + Request Info


Beefy peppery notes that can be combined with other herbs to make your signature rub.

Portobello Mushroom Balsamic Vinegar + Request Info

Portobello Mushroom Balsamic Vinegar

Earthy rich Portobello mushroom combined with well-aged sweet, woody notes derived from balsamic vinegar.

Rotisserie Marinade + Request Info

Rotisserie Marinade

We can make this a standard rotisserie marinade. However we have plenty of options to add smoke notes, sweet notes, or savory herb notes.

Savory Herb + Request Info

Savory Herb

Fragrant herbs and mouthwatering aromas will make any meal a hit. Sprinkle liberally on your oven roasted chicken and potatoes.

Southwest + Request Info


Richly flavored but not hot, this combination of herbs and dried chilies are the backbone of traditional dishes such as red chilies, rice & beans or tamales. Use as a rub or marinade.

Sun Dried Tomato + Request Info

Sun Dried Tomato

Bright sun dried tomatoes that can be combined with smoked chili peppers, or herbs such as oregano or rosemary. Let us sample you with astonishing delicious flavors.

Sweet Onion + Request Info

Sweet Onion

Imagine sweet onion that has been caramelized to bring out the onion essence that is clean and meaty flavored. Makes one hungry when smelling it.

Thai Sweet Pepper + Request Info

Thai Sweet Pepper

Sweet piquant mouthwatering Thai chili pepper and bell pepper flavor well balanced with sweetness to cut the extreme heat.

Wasabi Ranch + Request Info

Wasabi Ranch

Traditional cucumber buttermilk ranch with add-ins of trendy wasabi creates a deliciously uncommon combination.