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Maras Pepper - Go To Pepper & Spice Blend

Posted on Jan 06, 2020

What are Maras peppers?

Maras peppers are deep red in color and produce a slow, subtle heat. They are often mixed with olive oil, lemon juice, and salt. It is sometimes spelled Marash, pronounced mah-RAHSH, and is a common Aleppo pepper substitute.

Are Maras peppers spicy?

Maras peppers have a balanced spice with a medium, subtle heat. It is mostly known for its unique fruity and bright aroma with an earthy, smoky undertone.

Where is the Maras pepper from?

Maras peppers originated in Southeast Turkey. It was named after the small town of Maras, or Kahramanmaras, near the Syrian border.

How is the Maras pepper used?

Maras peppers are sun dried and ground between slow turning stone wheels or used fresh to have a sweet, dried fruit type note with a touch of heat that hits the throat and then dissipates.

The Maras pepper spice is commonly used as a meat seasoning, particularly on goat or lamb.




Spice distributor Carolina Ingredients has innovated a maras pepper rub with notes of onion and garlic, citrus and cumin. This seasoning would be excellent on lamb, grilled chicken, seafood, grilled eggplant, or slowly roasted carrots. This versatile spice rub would also lend itself to a unique rub for deli meats. This is a coarser ground product so it adds nice visuals to your commercial seasoning blends.


Contact us today if you have a unique innovative twist on the trending Maras Pepper spice. 




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