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Gerry McKiernan


Gerry bring over 40+ years of experience in the food industry

I started my career in the food chemicals industry with Fallek Chemical based in

NYC exclusively representing Takeda Chemical Co in the US and Canada. Takeda

acquired the Vitamin and Food Group from Fallek Chemical and I ultimately

became VP of Sales for the Food Ingredient portion of our business until 2000

when Takeda sold the Vitamin business to BASF. From 2000-2005 I was VP of

Sales at Nomura America while Takeda was preparing to merge their food

business into Mitsubishi. Upon completion of the business transfer to Mitsubishi I

joined MIC Specialty Chemicals to manage the Takeda, Riken and Fuso product



In September 2005 we established Mitsubishi International Food Ingredients

(MIFI) with the acquisition of Ashland Chemicals Injestibles Division combined

with the MIC Specialty Chemical food products. At MIFI I was originally National

Accounts Manager & Product Manager for Takeda products before being

promoted to Chief Commercial Officer and then to President & CEO. Then in

January 2018 MIFI acquired an 80% majority share of Carolina Ingredients and I

became the CEO of Carolina Ingredients while holding the title of Chairman at

MIFI. In January 2019 MIFI acquired the 20% balance becoming 100%

Shareholder of Carolina Ingredients.

Core Culture

My favorite Core Culture is “Our Team is Only as Good as the Value YOU Create” because this embodies what individual accountability really means! Unless you individually step up and deliver on your KPI’s there will always be a gap within the organization. Filling any/all gaps within the organization with strong individual performances and contributions is essential for success and growth!


My wife Ellie and I live in Wilmington, NC and have a deep seeded love for the beach which started way back in the Hamptons of NY. Our two daughters Allison and Samantha live in the Charlotte and Raleigh areas respectively and we love spending time with them and our two grandkids Haydn and Marcus at the beach. I have thoroughly enjoyed my years in the food ingredients business, I am a foodie so it goes hand in hand and it is great to have a clear understanding of what you are eating and what you should be eating!

Favorite Seasoning Blend

Hatch Chili Seasoning, it has zing while filling the palate with a delightful but robust flavor!