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Snack Seasonings Flavor Trends 2024

Posted on Feb 26, 2024

What are Seasoning Flavor Trends?

Flavor trends are a direct reflection of consumer preferences, cultural influences, and innovation in the food and beverage industry. While certain flavor trends evolve over time, others can seemingly come from nowhere and take hold in the minds and taste buds of consumers.

What Flavors are Trending in 2024?

Here at Carolina Ingredients, the flavor trends that we continue to see as influential within the seasoning industry are in relation to global cuisines, bold and spicy flavors, umami, fruity and botanical tastes, sweet plus the heat, and indulgent spices.

Creating Custom Seasonings

As a custom seasoning manufacturer, Carolina Ingredients prides ourselves in creating unique seasonings based on these fascinating, ever-evolving trends. Below are a few of our favorites.


pumpkin chai seasoningPumpkin Chai Seasoning

This unique seasoning creation is a fun fusion of the ever-popular pumpkin spice with an elegant twist of Indian inspired chai spices.

The Pumpkin Chai seasoning includes a combination of flavor trends, with a touch of ethnic inspiration, fruit & floral combinations, while also bringing in a feeling of comfort and indulgence.




creamy Anaheim pepper and corn seasoningCreamy Anaheim Pepper and Corn Seasoning

For this custom seasoning by Carolina Ingredients, the mild and vibrant Anaheim chili peppers are roasted to bring out a slight smokiness, and are perfectly paired with the sweet, buttery corn and savory chicken in a creamy soup-based seasoning.

The 2024 trends encompassed within this seasoning blend are a mixture of bold spices and heat tied with indulgence and comfort, while also bringing in global and ethnic inspiration.



chicken pot pie seasoningChicken Pot Pie Seasoning

Last but not least, an ultimate comfort food, chicken pot pie, balances savory, buttery, and slightly sweet notes, creating a harmonious flavor experience that embodies the essence of home-cooked.

This unique blend highlights the 2024 trend of indulgence and comfort, while also including the strong, savory flavors of umami. 




Carolina Ingredients - Your Partner in Innovation

Flavor trends are influenced by several factors such as regional preferences, cultural shifts, and movement towards a healthier lifestyle. Here at Carolina Ingredients, we are passionate about creating value and building partnerships with our customers and the consumers they serve. Our trends research is only one part of how we are here to be a resource to you today and in the future.

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