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Lunch and Learn with Congressman Mick Mulvaney

Posted on Oct 07, 2013
On September 4 th, Carolina Ingredients shut down its production facility to have a lunch and learn with Congressman Mulvaney. What initiated as a town hall meeting became an open, frank, and genuine dialogue between the 5 th  district representative of South Carolina and our employees.
Taking a break from manufacturing seasonings, Carolina Ingredients provided the opportunity to learn about the important issues of today, as well as, ask questions that directly impact their daily lives. The session started with Congressman Mulvaney offering facts and opinions on the Syrian conflict and the possibilities of the United States potential involvement. Our employees asked astute questions which eventually lead into topics such as Obama Care, education, charter schools, and our federal financial debt.
The hour session eventually occupied virtually two hours of the Congressman’s time; yet, Mr. Mulvaney’s genuine concern and openness left a long term imprint on the minds of the Carolina Ingredients employees.  
Our team was impressed enough that they requested our senior management team to set up quarterly town meetings with other political leaders from our area. The leadership team feels events such as these offer employees the opportunity to listen to leaders face to face, to become engaged in their local community and environment, and participate in the issues that all of us face locally or nationally.




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