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Curdlan: Plant-Based Seafood Ingredients

Posted on Dec 08, 2022

Sustainable Seafoods of Tomorrow

Enjoy the best of what real seafood has to offer including taste and texture without any of its usual drawbacks such as mercury, microplastics, and oceanic depletion.


Curdlan Benefits

For Texture:

  • Imitates authentic seafood without using seafood or animal origin.
  • Nearly white, odorless, tasteless free-flowing powder
  • When heated, Curdlan forms an elastic gel. That gel excellent heat & freeze-thaw stability.


For Flavor

  • Create or match seafood flavors. Examples: tuna, salmon, surimi, shrimp & squid
  • Create or match custom Curdlan mixture to imitate texture of authentic seafood



Curdlan History

On 1966 Curdlan was first discovered in Japan and named because of its ability to "curdle" when heated. Curdlan is made by fermentation and it has the unique characteristic of forming a gel with heat and water binding properties. It is odorless, and its relatively bland taste makes it an ideal textural agent in various food applications. 




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