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Fair Trade

Posted on Oct 05, 2017

Many customers are more aware about where their food comes from and who makes the food. Consumers want ingredients that are perceived as healthful and / or derived from natural sources. Their focus has also shifted to social issues such as child labor, illegal trafficking, sustainability, and fair wages to farmers.

Fair trade started in the coffee industry and has now moved to cocoa and sugar amongst other products. According to a publication by J. Paull in 2011, there were over 1.2 million farmers and workers in more than 60 countries participating in Fairtrade International’s organization. Ben & Jerry’s, Cadbury, and Guittard are just a few companies that are focusing on fair trade cocoa for some or all of their products.


Recently, our R&D team has had a number of requests for blends containing Fair Trade Certified Cocoa:





MinChocolateA classic flavor combination that pairs well with sweet snacks and nuts.





Choco_Banana.jpgChocolate Banana - Ripe banana flavors with cocoa would also mix well with a sweet cream flavor to make an ice cream inspired treat.





Milk_Choco.jpgMilk Chocolate - Smooth like the candy bars we know well and love.





Dbl_Dark_Choco.jpgDouble Dark Chocolate - Dark and rich and slightly sweet flavors work well on snacks and nuts.




Please contact your sales person to learn more about these and other blends.




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