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Food Safety - Non-GMO Products

Posted on Nov 20, 2013

Food safety used to be just about microbes in your food that would make you sick. These days, consumers have moved past basic food safety and even pushing for more organic foods.  Now, Non-GMO is ranking higher in influence in consumer’s purchasing decisions.  It is estimated that global demand for Non-GMO products will exceed $800 billion by 2014 (source: environmentalleader.com). Carolina Ingredients, as a seasoning manufacturer, now responds to our customers request to reformulate blends as non-GMO.  We have access to the highest quality non-GMO ingredients to develop and convert blends for bakery mixes and soy products. We also have the ability to use food processing aids that comply with non-GMO standards. 




We are helping to conserve the environment; Our building is LEED Certified.

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