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Merisal Sea Salt: Your Healthier Alternative for Flavorful Sodium Reduction

Posted on Dec 20, 2023

sea salt alternatives for fda sodium reduction ruling

At Carolina Ingredients, we are excited to introduce you to Merisal, a healthier alternative. Merisal offers an innovative and versatile alternative to salt that promises to revolutionize the world of food production. 


Sea salt on wooden spoon

The FDA’s Upcoming Sodium Reduction Ruling

With the FDA's upcoming sodium reduction ruling set to take effect in April 2024, Merisal salt is USDA Certified Natural Sea Salt with lower sodium and is here to offer a seamless solution for manufacturers seeking to reduce sodium content while maintaining the delicious flavors that consumers crave. Merisal is a one-for-one replacement for sea salt, making it incredibly easy to adapt to your existing seasoning blend recipes without compromising taste or quality.


Why Merisal is The Best Salt SubstituteMerisal healthier sea salt alternative

One of the standout features of Merisal is its clean taste, ensuring that your company’s seasoning blends maintain their signature flavors. What's even more intriguing is that, despite being a sodium reduction solution, it can be labeled as "Sea Salt," giving your customers the comfort of familiarity. Not to mention, Merisal is produced right here in the USA, as a true testament to our commitment to quality and local sourcing. Its functional and flavorful properties make it applicable in all facets of food production, from snacks to meats, dairy, bakery, confections, and so much more. 

The Best and Healthiest Alternative to Salt

Merisal Sea Salt is the ideal choice for food manufacturers, as it not only complies with the FDA's sodium reduction ruling, but has a variety of other benefits. Carolina Ingredients is proud to offer Merisal that has 35% or 57% less sodium depending on your seasoning blends’ needs.

          - Merisal is harvested directly from the ocean sea water.

          - Merisal lower sodium sea salts are certified kosher.

          - Contains trace levels of magnesium and calcium.

Carolina Ingredients is proud to be at the forefront of this transformative solution, providing manufacturers with a game-changing tool to navigate the evolving food industry landscape. Learn more about how Merisal can elevate your product offerings by taking your current blend and matching it to a “Better For You” product offering through our Research and Development Department. 

Our Research and Development Department would love to show you how Merisal can make a difference for you. Reach out to us today to get ahead of the FDA’s upcoming sodium reduction ruling.




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