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Indulging in National Chicken Month

Posted on Sep 13, 2023

September is National Chicken Month

At Carolina Ingredients, we're thrilled to celebrate National Chicken Month this September, a time when chicken takes the culinary spotlight! As a leading custom seasoning and functional ingredient blend manufacturer, we understand the importance of enhancing the flavors of this beloved poultry, making your recipes stand out. Join us this National Chicken Month in exploring our wide range of seasoning, marinades, and fully custom spice blends, perfect for creating a unique recipe for your company needs.


Custom Marinades & Rubs That Will Set Your Recipe Apart:


Mediterranean Chicken MarinadeMediterranean Chicken Marinade 

A well-balanced mix of garlic, onion, and the richness of olive oil, all harmoniously infused with the aromatic essence of oregano. The garlic and onion provide a savory base, while the olive oil imparts a luxurious richness. The oregano brings an earthy, herbal note that elevates your chicken to a new level of flavor.


Fajita Chicken MarinadeFajita Chicken Marinade

Begin with a classic combination of lime, peppers, and garlic, but the real excitement begins when we elevate it with a selection of diverse peppers and citrus flavors, all tailored to your unique taste.


Rotisserie Chicken MarinadeRotisserie Chicken Marinade

Of course, we can make a standard rotisserie marinade if that’s what you desire. However, we have plenty of options to add smoke notes, sweet notes, or savory herb notes to enhance your marinade and meet your exact desired flavor.


Sweet Onion Chicken Marinade

Picture the sweetness of onions, gently caramelized to unlock their pure, robust essence—a clean, meaty flavor that tantalizes the senses and ignites the appetite with its mouth watering aroma.


Buffalo Blue Chicken SeasoningBuffalo and Blue Cheese Chicken Seasoning

The fiery kick of buffalo flavor harmoniously coexists with the creamy richness of blue cheese, creating a bold and complex taste experience. What truly sets this seasoning apart is the subtle hint of tartness that the blue cheese imparts, rounding out the flavor profile with a delightful touch of acidity.


Margarita Lime Chicken SeasoningMargarita Lime Chicken Seasoning

This seasoning boasts a fresh margarita flavor, infused with a subtle hint of zesty lime, creating a harmonious and bright taste profile that's perfect for chicken. For those who crave a touch of heat, we've added jalapeno chilis to the mix, providing just the right amount of spice to elevate your meal.


Some of Our Other Offerings:

  • Functional Blends for yield enhancement and increased performance


  • Sachets: Portioned out Seasoning for Meal Kits / Creations


Natural Sea Salt Merisal




Curious about one of the delicious marinades, rubs, blends or other offers? Reach out to us today to see how we can meet your custom seasoning manufacturing needs.






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