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Natural Cure for Meats

Posted on May 03, 2018

As consumers become more aware of how their food is grown and processed they are starting to ask more questions.  There are a lot of “Uncured” meats on the market, but they mostly contain Celery Juice Powder which is simply a highly concentrated source of nitrites.  Consumers are beginning to understand what that means.


Our new Natural Cure Blend eliminates chemical nitrite, erythorbate, celery powder, acerola cherry powder, and other chemicals.  Labeled as “Sea Salt, Dried Vinegar, Natural Flavors”, it is classified as all natural and allergen free and offers great shelf life and food safety.  The Natural Cure Blend is not a concentrated nitrite source and eliminates the need for celery powder. Our Natural Cure provides truth in labeling and is perfect for use in Ham, Bacon, Salami, Hot Dogs, Pepperoni and any seasonings for meat.


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