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Recent trends in whey and soy as ingredients

Posted on Jun 10, 2013

The practice of adding whey and/or soy has increased in recent years.  The most current trends show whey most active in the following food sub categories: Food products, snack/cereal/energy bars and prepared meals.  In the drink categories, whey is most often found in meal replacement drinks. However emerging trends place opportunities for expansion in iced coffee and fruit nectars.

For soy, the fastest growing product segment is soy in pizza, followed by snack/cereal/energy bars.  In drink with soy, meal replacement is the prominent product category with emerging opportunities for iced tea and fruit drinks.

Carolina Ingredients partners with one of the largest dairy cooperatives.  We can supply pallet to full truck load quantities of whey and other powdered dairy products at competitive prices.  Additionally our partnerships with soy flour producers allow us to sell direct to you, or incorporate these products into custom blends.




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