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See About Our Sweet Organic Seasonings

Posted on May 04, 2017

At Carolina Ingredients, we have numerous blends that are sure to exceed your expectations. One area that we have been ahead of the curve in, is developing new organic blends for our customers.


Sweet Thai Chili 

Our organic Sweet Thai Chili is made up of chili pepper and sweet spices, along with citrus and sesame flavors. Chicken wings, wraps and egg rolls are sure to be great uses for this seasoning. This flavorful organic blend provides the perfect balance between sweet and spicy.


Salsa Verde Organic Seasoning

Salsa Verde

If you like chips and dip, you’re sure to love our Salsa Verde. It also makes for a great secret ingredient in soup, stew, or chili. Packed with jalapeno flavor, onion, bell pepper and a note of cilantro, Salsa Verde is vivid, vibrant, and truly very tasteful.


Sweet Asian Citrus Organic Seasoning

Sweet Asian Citrus

Sweet Asian Citrus includes a hint of spice, paired with a touch of ginger, to go along with its incredibly sweet taste. This blend is wonderful on chicken wings and would help make a great meat or pork rub. This seasoning would also be a hit when applied to sweet potatoes.



We currently have over 25 organic blends with more being added each month. We pride ourselves in working with our customers creating innovative organic blends. At Carolina Ingredients we make the world taste better.

Interested in trying one of our organic blends or creating a custom blend? Reach out to us and we'd be happy to help.




We are helping to conserve the environment; Our building is LEED Certified.

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