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5 Snack & Meat Seasonings Inspired by Spring

Posted on Jan 26, 2022

Spring Spices

With spring inching nearer and summer coming into view, it is the perfect time to revisit some of our more popular seasonal seasonings. Spring cuisine is best known for highlighting well-defined flavor bases with hints of refreshing fruits and tangy citruses.

Custom Seasonings 

Here are some of our favorite spring seasonings, custom made by Carolina Ingredients.


Caprese Seasoning

Blending the creaminess of cheese with a touch of tartness from the vinegar, this flavorful creation has balanced notes of basil, tomato, mozzarella and balsamic vinegar.

Originating from Italy on the Isle of Capri in the 1950s, the Caprese Salad has become a popular dish in the spring and summer. Typically served as an appetizer, it consists of fresh slices of tomato topped with mozzarella, basil, salt, and pepper, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for a balanced, tangy finish. Sometimes you will also find it topped with arugula to enhance the salad aspect of the recipe.

At Carolina Ingredients, we have turned this popular dish into a snack seasoning – a perfect topping on chips. If you’re interested in a similar taste without the cheese, we also offer a Garden Tomato Basil snack seasoning.


Sweet Asian Citrus Seasoning

Sweet with a hint of spice and paired with a touch of ginger.

Often seen as a salad dressing or vinaigrette, Carolina Ingredients has captured this flavor in the form of an organic snack or meat seasoning. This spice rub blend is a delicious twist on chicken wings or pork. It is also an excellent complement to sweet potato chips or a sweet potato side dish, making it one of our favorite spring and summer seasoning trends.


Avocado Lime Seasoning

A non-GMO snack seasoning that highlights fresh limes in conjunction with ripe avocado.

This mixture of ingredients dates back to the Aztecs in Mexico, where they created a fresh take on guacamole that focuses on insatiable flavor rather than traditional spice. Carolina Ingredients knew that this would be a great chip seasoning choice to let your customers enjoy the crispness of springtime while prepping for the summer heat.

Once summer hits, be sure to add some spice and take a look at our Avocado Cilantro seasoning.


Lemon Herb Tzatziki Seasoning

Greek inspired snack seasoning that has a cool and creamy yogurt base enhanced with tangy cucumber and garlic.

While often viewed in Western Culture as having originated from Greece, tzatziki was actually first conceived throughout the Ottoman Empire. Different regions within the Empire, such as Turkey, the Balkans, the Middle East, Cyprus, and Greece, took on their own variations of this cold, dairy-based dip.

Carolina Ingredients not only created this in the form of a seasoning for snacks, but also produced a rub and marinade to glaze beef, poultry, lamb, seafood, and falafel.


Mint Chocolate Seasoning 

A non-GMO snack and popcorn seasoning that pairs bright, refreshing mint with classic chocolate.

While we’re often known for our appetizer and entrée seasonings, Carolina Ingredients also offers sweeteners and dessert seasonings to give our clients a range of flavor options to explore.

Chocolate Mint is essentially a Peppermint Patty for popcorn. It is our favorite dessert seasoning for springtime as it is not only a fan favorite across a variety of food industries, but highlights the crisp flavor profile we look for during these pre-summer months. 

Looking for a more classic dessert flavor? Check out our Chocolate and Chocolate Bundt Cake Non-GMO snack seasonings.


Create Your Own Custom Blend!

Inspired by one of our seasonings above or looking for something completely different? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us as we also create custom seasoning blends to match your flavor needs.




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