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Honey Habanero Pepper - Versatile, Trendy Spice Seasoning

Posted on Jan 31, 2023

What is Habanero?

Habanero is a very hot pepper that is green when unripe and red or orange when ripe. This pepper is most often found in sauces.

The Habanero pepper is a product of a perennial flowering plant that produces a floral aroma in the pepper. The pepper ranges from 1-3 inches in size and there are multiple habanero pepper breeds with varying heats, colors, and flavor profiles.

habanero seasoning

How Spicy is Habanero?

A Habanero's spiciness and heat ranges between 100,000 and 350,000 on the Scoville Scale.


Where do Habanero Peppers Come From?

Habaneros are a Peruvian pepper by origin, though it is most often associated with Mexico. It is now grown across South America, Central America, and Mexico.


Habanero Seasoning 

We've created an exciting hot and sweet combo: the honey habanero spice seasoning. It's a perfect fit for your new snack seasoning flavor debut.

Chili peppers continue to be popular flavor profiles for mainstream America; you are seeing them appear in traditional toppings, rubs, chips and dressings. Habanero is even making its way into sweets and chocolate.

honey habanero blog

How to Use Spices 

With this month’s ideation blend at Carolina Ingredients, we added our honey habanero blend onto freshly popped popcorn. Immediate and lingering heat from the habanero hits your taste buds; the fruity citrus-like notes pair with the sweetness of honey to finish out the flavor. 

This new snack seasoning is a versatile one. Use with popcorn, chips, seasonings, and event sweets.


Contact us today if you have a unique innovative twist on this trending spice. 




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