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Welcome in the New Year with 3 New, Non-GMO Chili Creations

Posted on Feb 07, 2017

non gmo snack seasoning


Customers continue to crave spicy snacks with a variety of chilies. According to Paul Rozin, a University of Pennsylvania psychologist who studied the appeal of both foods, chili is the second most craved flavor in the United States after chocolate. Carolina Ingredients has made a variety of new chili inspired snack seasonings because consumers want their chili experience to be hotter, spicier, and full of different varieties of chili.


Here are 3 of our newest chili creations - all are non-GMO project compatible.


Smoked Guajillo Chili Seasoning 

Smoked Guajillo Chili Seasoning

Guajillo peppers combined with a slightly smoky and savory flavor will liven up your tortilla chip or any other base.



Smoked Guajillo Chili Seasoning with Cheese with Organic DairySmoked Guajillo Chili Seasoning with Cheese (Organic Dairy)

Cheese balanced with guajillo takes nacho cheese flavor to a new level.






Elote (Mexican Street Corn, Organic Dairy)

Sweet corn, chili, and cream allows you to put this classic street food on a snack.  This innovative seasoning would be wonderful on popcorn or extruded corn products.


Carolina Ingredients offers a large variety of custom snack seasoning blends. For more information and details, reach out to us.




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