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Non GMO Project Verifiable Dairy Based Seasonings

Posted on Aug 18, 2016



Carolina Ingredients now has access to organic dairy powders! This is a phenomenal development in the world of Non GMO Project compliant seasonings and other blends.  Give your customers both Non GMO Project verification and real dairy!


We have the following organic seasonings available: white and yellow cheddar cheese powder, butter, cream, nonfat milk and sour cream.  Below are a few of our flavor options:



Nacho Cheese

Cheese flavors boldly spiced with nuances of a variety of peppers, cumin and other flavors create a fiesta in your mouth.





Hot Chocolate

Deep rich chocolate combined with creamy dairy and a pop of sweet marshmallow bring snack foods to a new level.





Orange Cheddar

Moderately sharp cheese flavor is a classic for many snack foods.





Bright buttermilk, savory herbs and black pepper bring freshness and zing to your favorite base.






Sour Cream & Onion

Another snack classic, now can be enjoyed by Non-GMO and real dairy supporters.





Wasabi Ranch

An Asian twist on a traditional ranch. The horseradish brings a bold pop of flavor to any base.



Carolina Ingredients offers a large variety of customized snack seasoning blends. For more information and details, feel free to visit our website.




We are helping to conserve the environment; Our building is LEED Certified.

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