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Seasoning Manufacturers Make Valentine’s Day Sweet(eners)

Posted on Feb 12, 2014

At Carolina Ingredients, we don’t just offer snack seasonings and spices. We pride ourselves on offering a range of products to meet your needs.

Need something a little sweeter? Sample one of our many sweeteners. Looking to be a little healthier too? Try molasses, with the highest antioxidant levels of all sweeteners and a great source of iron. Brown rice syrup is a healthier alternative to high fructose corn syrup and used in many organic recipes.

Our high quality dry bakery mixes and bases are also now available. As always, our products are tailored to your needs, whether it’s an add water only, add oil or eggs mix. Our brownie, oatmeal or sugar cookie, and white cake mixes are a convenient way to make baked goods.

No matter how you decide to satisfy your sweet tooth, happy Valentine’s Day from the Carolina Ingredients team!




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