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Spicy Pimento Cheese - Southern Cuisine Snack Seasoning

Posted on Feb 18, 2020

What is Pimento Cheese?

Pimento Cheese is a mix of cheese, pimentos, and mayonnaise, originally found in Southern Cuisine as a comfort food.

Pimento Cheese now has multiple variations - from changing the types of cheese and peppers. You’ll find cheddar, jack, or American with jalapenos or piquillos to transform this snack into a fusion blend.

Originally used as a dip or sandwich spread, you now find pimento cheeseburgers, pimento grilled cheese sandwiches, deep fried pimento cheese balls, and more. The Varsity, an Atlanta landmark, serves pimento cheese with chili on their hotdogs.

Pimento Cheese is no longer found just in the south - its popularity is expanding as well known chefs begin to highlight traditional southern dishes and trends in their menus. Now, it is common to see pimento cheese used in other cuisines. 


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Our Spicy Pimento Cheese

Carolina Ingredients' Spicy Pimento Cheese is a smooth and creamy cheese blend plus heat from different chili peppers mixed with a zing of garlic. We formulated this as a snack seasoning; however, we can modify this winner to be used as a blend in for sauces, soups or dressings. Even better, how about a spicy pimento cheese “Hot Pocket” type snack?

Reach out to us for a sample to match your application - we think you'll be just as excited as we are!




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