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Sriracha Stir-up for Spice Distributors

Posted on Apr 24, 2014

Sriracha, one of the most popular flavoring choices and sauces, is back in the news to seasoning suppliers’ dismay. This time with the ruling that Sriracha production at the Huy Fong Foods’ factory in Irwindale, California is a “public nuisance.”

This ruling has lead many to incorrectly fear that this favorite flavor may be facing limited production and distribution. But we predict that Sriracha will remain a flavoring favorite, with the inventory to support your customers’ spicy indulgence.

At Carolina Ingredients, we offer a Sriracha seasoning blend – just like the famous and headline-making sauce. A bold garlic flavor compliments the building heat of red chilis, combined with a dash of vinegar to balance the blend.

From marinades to marinara sauce to condiments like Sriracha mayo and ketchup, this versatile flavoring has limitless possibilities.

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