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Sweet Popcorn Seasonings

Posted on Sep 11, 2023

sweet popcorn seasonings

While seasonings serve many different purposes, it is no secret that they’re mostly associated with enhancing savory flavors or spicing up snacks. Dessert seasonings are often forgotten about, but should not be underestimated. Adding a sweet twist to a typically salty snack is a surprise some consumers don’t even realize they want until they see it. Taking flavor profiles to the next level is what Carolina Ingredients is known for best and what will keep your customers coming back for more.


Get Custom Sweet Seasonings

Carolina Ingredients makes all-custom seasonings for a wide range of flavors - savory, salty, or sweet. You can give your customers a unique dessert seasoning with Carolina Ingredients.

Here are just a few of our most popular sweet seasonings. While these can go on many different foods or snacks, we find that popcorn is a common favorite.


maple vanilla dry seasoning for popcorn and snacksMaple Vanilla Popcorn Seasoning

Seeking the ultimate sweet blend for your popcorn and snacks? Experience the indulgence of buttery smooth vanilla seasoning combined with the gentle embrace of sweet, mellow maple flavor, kissed by a hint of fruity sapiness, transforming your classic snack into an aromatic delight that masterfully satisfies your sweet tooth and savory cravings with every delectable bite.


pumpkin pie seasoning for popcorn and snacks, popcorn and morePumpkin Pie Popcorn Seasoning

Can't get enough of pumpkin spice treats this fall? You'll love this warm and comforting essence of pumpkin pie seasoning, infusing them with a cozy blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove, evoking the cozy flavors of autumn in every mouthful. This aromatic seasoning adds a delightful twist, making your favorite snacks a perfect treat for any season.


birthday cake popcorn seasoningBirthday Cake Popcorn Seasoning

By far a fan favorite at Carolina Ingredients, this seasoning is the ultimate birthday cake flavoring you’ve been looking for and your customers have been craving. Birthday cake flavors are seen among a variety of snacks, but birthday cake popcorn seasoning is hard to beat. Birthday cake popcorn has always been a secret love for many, but the word is out and trends show that birthday cake popcorn has been consistently on the rise. We’ve been perfecting our birthday cake seasoning for years and you don’t want to miss out on this heightening craze.


apple cinnamon popcorn seasoningApple Cinnamon Popcorn Seasoning

Once September hits, consumers are looking for everything Fall. Apple spice tends to be a go-to aromatic for the season in candles, drinks…and snacks! Our apple cinnamon seasoning is an autumn classic that expertly fuses the tarter apple with a sweet spice.


chocolate popcorn seasoningChocolate Popcorn Seasoning

What’s indulgence without a little bit of cocoa? The chocolate flavor is universal and our chocolate seasoning is no different. It’s the perfect way to appeal salty snacks to a sweet tooth. Not only is it delicious by itself, but it’s an ideal foundation for more complex flavors - mint chocolate, raspberry chocolate, caramel chocolate, peanut butter chocolate. The options are endless with a good chocolate seasoning. 


mint chocolate popcorn seasoning

Mint Chocolate Popcorn Seasoning

Perhaps you want a little extra with your chocolate popcorn. This bright refreshing mint and chocolate brings this classic flavor to the snack world. It is like Peppermint Patty has her own brand of popcorn seasoning.


gingerbread popcorn seasoningGingerbread Popcorn Seasoning

There’s nothing that triggers a sweet craving more than the winter season, and gingerbread might be one of the most famous, yet unique, seasonal flavors of them all. Our gingerbread seasoning marries spicy ginger, warm honey, and luxury molasses for the ultimate sweet spice on your popcorn. 


Get your custom sweet seasoning at Carolina Ingredients




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